Medical Debt Recovery

How we can help you to put money back in your pocket?

Get Paid. Fast.


Running a successful medical practice today demands efficiency, a healthy cash flow, reduced exposure to financial risk, less admin hassle and greater control when executing your billing and collection procedures.

Not all practices function alike, therefore, we have differentiated our services into the following categories:

1. Debit control only

2. Full service

3. Soft & legal collections only


1. Debit control only

You capture the patient detail, do the billing and submission to medical aids, correct rejections and resubmit.

We work from your age analysis and do the following:

  • Collect from medical aids.
  • Capture medical aid remittances.
  • Follow up on short payments and resubmit accounts if necessary.
  • Collect from patients.
  • Capture payments.
  • Hand over patients to our legal department for legal collection on 60 days rather than 120 days-plus

2. Full service

We take care of the complete revenue cycle.

We do the following (on our practice management application or on yours):

  • Capture patient information.
  • Capture billing detail (procedure/consultation codes, modifiers, product/nappy codes).
  • Submit to medical aids, private patients, foreign insurers,
  • Give you a batch report of claims submitted with a summary of every claim.
  • Correct rejections from medical aids and resubmit.
  • Collect in real-time from medical aids (most of them inform us immediately of any rejections, short/non-payment), private patients and patient liability. We start with the collection process immediately – we don’t wait for remittances to be captured.
  • Capture remittances and patient payments.
  • Hand over patients for legal collection on 60 days rather than 120 days-plus
  • Prepare and compare month-to-month and year-to-date financial reports to track your progress.

3. Soft & legal collections only

We work from your age analysis and only collect from patients.

  • See debt collections

Our fees

Our fee (a percentage to be negotiated) is levied on amounts received. The fee becomes payable only once you have received the money. This encourages us to work quickly, optimise revenue and reduce bad debt to the minimum.

Why us?

We enable doctors to focus on patient care, without worrying about outstanding accounts. With us, you are relieved of the burdensome administrative tasks related to medical aid claims and revenue management.

Our services and processes can be refined to suit your practice’s unique demands.

 We look forward to serving you.



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